Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An End To Supertacularness

Oh right, this thing. Yeah, I sort of abandoned it a few months back. Well, I got nothing interesting to say these days. Sorry. I figure I got enough game ideas here to sink the Bismarck, which would be an apt analogy if game ideas were torpedoes, which they are not to the best of my recollection.


So I've decided to list them all here in handy link form with very brief descriptions which you, the internet user, may feel free to browse (but try not to carouse). Otherwise, the blog or whatever it is is now officially dead. I'll try a slightly more engaging system to present ideas next time around, with pictures I hope. Everyone likes pictures.

In no particular order, besides alphabetical, I present all my, uh, stuff that I wrote:

Abyss Divers - Space-Sim - Command a group of starfighters/temporal-mechanics in order to shut down tears in the space/time fabric to bizarre alternate dimensions. Like a fishbowl. Totally Not: X-Wing vs TIE Fighter. At all, really.

Alien Abduction - Sandbox - Beam up anything of value from some random backwater planet to expand the cultural and educational horizons of your species (as well as boosting your bank account). Totally Not: GTA meets Destroy All Humans.

Alien Life - Exploration/Strategy - Environmental-minded alien academia take on opportunistic alien loggers in this thinly-veiled moral allegory about conservation. Totally Not: Captain Planet.

BrainTrain - Railroad/Strategy - Build the universe's first interplanetary railroad system avoiding alien menaces along the way. Totally Not: Railroad Tycoon with a sci-fi element and a dumb name. Actually, that's pretty much exactly what it is.

Capsule World - RTS/God-Sim - A world built up from random gifts, creating unique results each time. Totally Not: Black & White.

Carnage in Candyland - Squad-based TPS - Take control of a somewhat darker reimagining of a cherished childhood wonderland. Totally Not: Call of Duty with candy.

Castlevania: Between a Belmont and a Hot Place - Platformer/Action - Just a concept for a 2D Castlevania that looks into what happens to the titular castle between vamp-cullings. Totally Not: Castlevania.

Choose Your Own Video Game - Multi-genre - Direct how you want your game to play out genre-wise. Sick of jumping puzzles? Get rid of them. Hordes of enemies to shoot down? You got it. Totally Not: Every game ever, combined.

Deep - RPG/Digger - Explore the mysterious past of your planet, shovel-first. An excavation full of excitement exclamations. So to speak. Totally Not: Mr Driller.

Dumbgeneers - Strategy/RPG/God-Sim - Omnipotentally protect a group of barely-functional dumbasses so they can get rich and powerful and spread the good word of you, the omnipresent director guy there. Totally Not: Worms, except they go underground this time instead of what they normally do.

Fire & Ice - RTS - Take control of elemental factions embroiled in a religious civil war. Fireballs versus blueballs. Because they're made of ice. That's what that means. Totally Not: War Wind, because only I remember that game.

Freakshow Simulator - World-Sim - Build your own freakshow by hiring freaks or making them. Then get rubes to pay to see 'em. Totally Not: Theme Park or the movie Freaked (aka Hideous Mutant Freakz).

Godhood - Action/Adventure - Smash cultists to smithereens to reclaim your divine heritage, one piece at a time. Totally Not: God of War.

Hammerspace - Action/Platformer - A lovesong to Looney Toons and cartoons in general. Refill the universal inventory of props that all cartoon characters depend on. Totally Not: Katamari Damacy.

Identikit Heroes - Team-based RPG - Create a bunch of heroes from bits and pieces and let them go to town. The parts decide their powers and abilities. Totally Not: LEGO Diablo. But wouldn't that game be awesome too?

Interdimensional Bandits - Stealth/Action/Strategy - Become leader of a gang of thieves and pillage all sorts of eras and dimensions for illicit booty. No, not that kind. Totally Not: Time Bandits, the movie. That had little people. This has regular-sized people. Mostly.

Item Quest - RPG/Strategy - The collectible subquest becomes the main quest in this colossal dungeon-delver/treasure-hoarder. A cure for kleptomania. Totally Not: Diablo, but with Scrooge McDuck's money bin to store stuff in.

Literamancy - RPG/Word Puzzle - Create three-letter spells to defend your kingdom or accidentally blow it up, depending on how easily amused you are. Totally Not: Boggle.

Luddite - Platformer/Stealth - Blowing up giant robotic aliens from the inside. Totally Not: Shadow of the Colossus.

Master of Magic In Space - World-Sim/Strategy - Take your magic mastery to the next level in this unnecessary sequel. Totally Not: Master of Magic in space, only it totally is.

Sacrifice - Squad FPS/TPS - Send troops to their probable deaths, rewind, repeat until you get it right. Or within an acceptable casualty limit. Totally Not: Lemmings.

Sky Citadel - RPG/Strategy - Conquer and control a mighty sky fortress in the time of sky pirates. Not that such a time existed, but still. You got a damn sky castle, who cares about factually-accurate historical details? Totally Not: Skies of Arcadia.

Spam Fight Simulator - RPG/Shooter/Beat-Em-Up - Take out that annoying spam in style. Shoot down wiener pill ads in phallic-shaped starfighters for extra irony fun. Totally Not: Gmail's spam filter. Because that shit don't work.

Super Mario RPG Suikoden - RPG/RTS - A merging of the Mario RPG series with Suikoden, taking the world from the former with the large cast and RTS battles of the latter. Totally Not: Super Mario RPG or Suikoden. But combined. You see?

Ultimate Showdown, The - Online FPS - A fanboyish internet song, made reality. Video game reality at least. You'll believe a Care Bear can take down Godzilla with the handy handicap system. Totally Not: An internet fad way past its prime.

Take a gander also at the Design series, including: Design Genres for ideas for all the different genres out there, the Design Licenses for ideas that require copyrighted material such as TV shows and Design Elements for ideas that focus on commonly-occuring video game elements.

Also of note is the 100 Game Ideas thing I pulled off after ten arduous weeks. They're mostly joke ideas, but there's some gems buried in there somewhere. Buried deep, deep down.
Use a metal detector.

See you next time eating the pudding.

- AJI/Mento.

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